Partition is usually done during either a house, office or shop renovation. This is to create additional spacing and privacy by creating additional rooms. The partitions are not a permanent structure, hence it is easier to remove in future without needing hacking off a wall. Besides that, a wood partition is also cheaper than building a brick wall.

Office Partition

Partition of an office is also very common in shop renovation, where we will partition a room as an office in a shop. Another example would be in an office renovation, where partitions are done to dismantle old office rooms and build new office rooms.

House Partition

For example, when we partition a room, we may do the partition for the purpose of creating new rooms. That room could be a temporary room for storage, or entertainment room, as well as additional room for rental. The main intention is for space planning and utilization.

What is a partition?

Partition is a wooden sheets built on planks from 2 sheets. It may include rock wool in between the 2 wooden sheets. The main purpose of rock wool is for noise insulation as well as fire insulation for the wooden partition.


Therefore, if you are looking to dismantle old partition, or to build a new partition, do call us. Renovation Specialist has the expertise in all types of partitions, such as temporary wood partition and permanent brick partition.

For any refurbishment, you may also need to do electrical wiring and painting. Besides that, we have projects in mainly KL such as Kepong, Cheras, KLCC, Bukit Jalil, Seputeh, Setapak and Bangsar. Whilst in Selangor, we specialise in Putrajaya, Damansara, Sungai Buloh, Ampang, Klang, Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya, Sunway, and Puchong.

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