Marble Polishing

Marble floor polishing is best to be done in order to keep your floors always shining and dirt-free. This polishing can help to remove stains and dents on floor surface from the old use of the floor. Similar to wood polishing, it not only removes the dents also, but it makes the floor to appear smoother and completely restores its former shine.

How Polishing Helps the Shines

A shiny stone surface indicates that the surface is extremely smooth. The smoothness makes it very easy for light to reflect from it. The smoother the stone, the more reflective it becomes. This happens because light stays together when it reflects from the stone, so much so that each ray bounces from the surface exactly in the same direction. Of course, when a marble surface becomes rough and scratched up, the light bounces in all different directions. This uneven surface, however, causes the light to refract, and our eye perceives a dull slab of marble.

How Frequently Should We Polish Our Marble Floor?

1. Usage of the marble floor –
The foot traffic and usage of the floor may affect how frequently we polish the floor. If the floor is regularly used, it is important to polish the marble since it might have scratches and dirt on the floor.

2. Cost –
The cost of polishing marble floors has to be considered very carefully.You can balance your available budget against your preference to have a brand new look for your floors.

3. Type of marble –
Some marbles are softer and therefore need more specialized attention. Softer marble needscleaning more frequently since it isprone to scratches.If it is not regularly polished, it may lose its lustre and may not last long.

4. The stains on the marble –
If you see some stains or dirt on the marble, it is advisable to clean and polish it. Some stains if being ignored, may be almost impossible to remove from the marble.

Types of Marble Polishing Services

Marble polishing services comprise of four pivotal steps – Grinding, Honing, Polishing and Buffing. However at times, it is also good to perform a thin layer of epoxy coating to protect and maintain the flooring shine for years. Diamond grinding of marble floors utilizes industrial diamonds for sharpening edges, leveling, and reduction of roughness by making it shinier and glossier. By removing the deepest scratches and marks, the process is instrumental in giving a much uniform and spectacular appearance. This is unlike the normal tiles installation which is quite common in most houses.


Therefore, if you have a marble floor that needs some polishing services, do contact us. Renovation Specialist can look at it, and advise how extensive the polishing services. We focus mainly in KL and Selangor, such as KLCC, Ampang, Gombak, Seri Kembangan, Putrajaya, Puchong, Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Klang, Rawang, Kepong, and Bangsar.

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